• has a single variable FLEXI_RUN_ENV that defines a running environment. This variable is then used to call different profiles of configuration depending on the running environment like dev, stage and prod. The FLEXI_RUN_ENV variable can also be set by environment, the environment takes precedence over Example:

    $ export FLEXI_RUN_ENV='dev'; python runserver
  • holds all the common security variables for the project, probably a good place for SECRET_KEY.

  • security_FLEXI_RUN_ENV specific environment security variables, dedicated database passwords should go there. Setting defined here will override settings defined in

  • the classic settings file found in all django projects.

  • gathers local settings for a given running environment, settings defined here will override settings defined in

Loading order

The modules are loaded in the following order:

  1. myproject/
  2. myproject/
  3. myproject/
  4. myproject/
  5. myproject/

If the FLEXI_RUN_ENV variable is false in python, the only settings files read are and

Project Versions

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